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Did you know that around the world, 90% of businesses don’t sell, and for those that do, the majority don’t get anywhere near what they expected? In fact it’s often 50% of their expected value.


Because no one told them the truth – that their businesses were not ready to sell.

What are the benefits of having a Sale Ready Business?

• A sale ready business is worth a lot more than one that isn’t. • If a business is sale ready, the owner(s) have options. • A sale ready business is also a good business to keep. • A sale ready business provides sufficient funds on sale to fund the next stage of your life journey.

So how do I make my business Sale Ready?

Step 1: Minsdset. Start thinking like a purchaser and not a vendor, and ask yourself what would my business have to look like to be attractive to a purchaser. Determine to make your business sale ready BEFORE YOU SELL.

Step 2: Undertake an opportunity assessment to see what the rewards would be if you had a sale ready business, and also what the implications might be if you didn’t.

Step 3: Purchase a sale ready program which consists of two stages. Stage one: Attend a roadmap session to develop a sale ready plan specific to your business Stage two: Execution phase where we undertake a coaching program to provide accountability for the actions in your plan and provide coaching and mentoring to ensure you have the skills and techniques required to implement the strategies.

Where do I start?

The best place to start is to call ProfitHQ and we can provide more information on how a sale ready program can significantly improve the value of your business. We can also arrange a complimentary 30 minute opportunity assessment click here to register.

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