Motivation is one of those concepts that seems easy to understand on the surface, but when you start to drill in a little, it’s as unique as every individual person.

Without motivation, you’re not creating a vision, you’re not seeking out new knowledge, and you certainly aren’t going to try and actually make the changes you need in your business.

We all wake up every day knowing we have certain responsibilities to meet, but what drives us to meet them? What drives us to go beyond those responsibilities? What drives us to excel beyond what we thought was possible?

I think what drives us — what motivates us as humans, whether it is personally or professionally, and has motivated us through all of time and space — is freedom. We want the ability to create an existence and make our own choices with as little stress as possible.

When I sit down with my clients, I’m often told, “I just feel burnt out. I’ve lost my motivation to keep going.” I have to point out that is simply not true. If they had lost their motivation, they never would have given me a call.

The same holds true with you. If you weren’t motivated to see things change, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

I think there are only two base instincts that we are motivated by: pleasure and pain.

When we make our decisions, especially ones that involve change, we are either trying to move toward pleasure or away from pain, and sometimes both simultaneously.

Here are some examples of pleasure motivators:

  • Success
  • Financial Independence
  • Personal Growth
  • Positive Work/Life Balance
  • Opportunity to follow a passion or purpose
  • Acquisition of material things/creature comforts

And on the other side of the coin, here are several pain motivators:

  • Lack of cash flow
  • Stress
  • Not realising one’s potential
  • Poor work/life balance
  • Insufficient profitability
  • Lack of growth
  • Frustrations

I meet a lot of my clients for the first time because they come and attend one of the business seminars I present.

Yes, they’re all motivated, but I’m guessing they’re like you in that they’re often being motivated by pain. Probably, 90% of my clients begin from a place of pain motivation.

Moving from a place of pain motivation to a place of pleasure motivation is a big deal. Instead of just having a gloomy picture about your business and a future you have to plod into, becoming someone who can’t wait to get to work — because of the great things that are going to happen — is huge.