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Philip Coombs Biography (Long)
Founder & Director at ProfitHQ 

Philip Coombs is a business coach, an accredited Mindshop advisor, author and guest speaker who works predominately with small and medium sized business owners and leaders to assist them to significantly improve the profit and performance of their business by teaching them the tools and techniques that bring success.

Philip Coombs has over 30 years of experience in business ownership, management, directorship, and board positions, across 15 companies and not for profit organisations. Philip appreciates how difficult it is to succeed in business and understands the complexities of being a business owner. With his wealth of experience Philip has learnt what to do and even more importantly what not to do, as well as the secrets to long term sustainable profit growth in business.

After an impressive 25 years at the helm of A.G. Coombs, a company which he took over at the tender age of 27, Philip sold his business in late 2012, with a turnover in excess of $200M and a reputation as being one of, if not the best, in the business.  Philip, now the owner of ProfitHQ, works exclusively with businesses that are not reaching their full potential.

The reality in business is that due to the complexities, most business owners cannot do it all on their your own. Clients come to ProfitHQ feeling stressed, with a terrible work-life balance, working long hours for very little return without experiencing the success they deserve.

Philip believes that “business success is a learnable skill and we have discovered how to teach business owners how to be as successful.” With his direct personal delivery style, Philip has been described as “unique with an exceptional ability to get the message across and deliver results.”

Philip is passionate about helping business owners make the effort, energies, and risks of being in business worthwhile by growing profits and business value.

As a speaker, Philip has vast experience presenting to small and large audiences and has worked with;

  • Small Business Victoria
  • Mindshop
  • Various business & commerce networks
  • Industry associations
  • Ballarat Commerce

On a personal level, Philip and his family are very passionate sailors. Phil loves to sail socially as well as compete which in the past has included some amazing adventures both in Australia and overseas. This includes some incredible and boast-worthy accomplishments such as;

  • 100,000 ocean miles covered racing
  • 2 x Melbourne to Osaka Yacht races
  • 10 x Sydney to Hobart Yacht Races
  • Competing in 5 x World Championships
  • Board Position in Yachting Australia
  • President of Yachting Victoria

Philip is also very passionate about helping those less fortunate. He and his family regularly host fundraising events and have raised more than $500K to improve the lives of underprivileged children.

For further details, please contact

0400 043 195


Philip Coombs Biography (Short)
Founder & Director at ProfitHQ 

Over the last 30 years, Phil has had two very distinct professional lives. He transformed one of Australia’s oldest and largest plumbing companies into an organisation three times its size. When he sold that company in 2012 with a turnover in excess over $200M, he became a sought-after business coach with ProfitHQ. He has successfully navigated business trenches and worked with hundreds of clients teaching them how they are the key to their business success. He has vast experience in presenting and guest speaking at various events, to both small and large audiences.

0400 043 195

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