Once you have a clear vision on where your business is going or you want it to go and (hopefully) you have a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) then you’ll need what we call a ‘roadmap.’

A roadmap is a simple one-page plan which covers where your business is at now and where you want it to go, and the key strategies that are going to get you there. This is critical to help you become unstuck and to significantly improve the profit and performance of your business.

Obviously, you have to show up at your company and make sure that things are operating as they should and be prepared for the event of an unlikely emergency. Putting out fires should be a skill every great leader develops.

But every great leader also knows once you’re done dealing with an emergency in the “right here, right now,” you’ve got to return to normal business.

One of the most important aspects of normal business is the ability to look toward the future. There are far too many owners and leaders who view every day as an emergency and can’t get out of the “now”.

I think lack of vision is one of the largest contributing factors to someone developing a fixed mindset.

A company cannot and will never reach its fullest potential without ownership and its leaders having a clear understanding of not only where the business is now but also where it is going. If there is no vision, how can a company be steered in the right direction?

A business with no plan is a plan for failure.

The easiest analogy I can provide for a plan is that it is a roadmap. You need a destination and must figure out the best way to get where you want to go. A plan can do many things:

  • Solve problems along the way
  • Provide a direction/path for the business
  • Address operational needs (marketing, HR, finance, etc.)
  • Establish milestones
  • Serve as a clarity reference point
  • Act as a guide that anybody can follow, not just the creator of it

A roadmap does not have to be a 60-page document that gets into the hour-by-hour details of how your office is going to run. It can be as simple as a single sheet of paper that highlights a problem and what your basic strategy will be to manage that problem.

Do you know how to craft a plan to handle the problem your plan needs to solve? It can be done on your own, but most people I’ve seen don’t have the skill set to develop a proper plan. As an owner or leader, it’s one of the most crucial tasks in your job description!

If you don’t have a roadmap, then get some help! This will be the best investment you can make in yourself, and a highly effective tool to help you on your journey to business success.