One significant barrier to success in business is when business owners make excuses for everything going wrong or things they have failed to achieve. Do you find yourself continually making excuses for the lack of results or not getting things done?

The primary reason may well be your mindset, in that you may have developed a fixed mindset. Your mind is conditioned to make excuses rather than take the necessary action to get the results you deserve. The solution to this is to develop a growth mindset and controlling ‘mindfric’ which are the non-supportive thoughts you have which prevent you from achieving your success.

If you listen to ‘mindfric’ and don’t act, your results will stay the same.

The other factor is that you may have an issue with your personal effectiveness. Ask yourself: Do you have trouble getting things done that you want to do even though you know they are important? If so, you have an issue with your personal effectiveness, which means your competency to get results and get things done when you say.


By definition, habits are “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially ones that are hard to give up.” In business, we are often driven by bad habits, which are actions we do on a regular basis that do not lead to positive outcomes, such as continually being distracted by social media.

If we are motivated to change the profit and performance of our business, we often have to look at taking different actions and changing our habits, so these positive actions become good habits and produce positive results.

An example I often use is a diary. We use a diary to schedule urgent tasks such as meetings and find we have no time for important tasks. Important tasks are the tasks that, if you do them, would make a significant difference to you and your business.

However, they’re never urgent.

I hear, “I am just too busy” all the time. What people are really saying is that their diary is full of urgent tasks. We know that one positive action is working on important tasks, so what about changing your habit and scheduling in your diary (in advance) two to four hours a week for important tasks (actions)?

This habit alone will have a massive influence on the profit and performance of a business.


One of the biggest failures of small business owners is in not creating systems that allow the company to operate without them. They see themselves as the business and believe they are the cog in the middle of the wheel where all of the spokes are connected.

Systems must be created for a business to operate efficiently and smoothly. You can’t just “wing it” and figure out how to run things day-to-day. You must have a documented system-process for how the company operates.

It’s impossible to teach others how to do things if you don’t have a system they can follow.

The development of systems and procedures for your business is what we call “working on the business” and is essential for a business that wants to grow. A business owner or leader who has a well-developed set of systems and procedures will have a business that can run without them.

What would that mean for you?

If you continually don’t get things done or don’t achieve the results you want or need, then get some help cultivating better habits and developing beneficial systems; pick up the phone and talk to someone who can help you.