The 10 Secrets To Business Success
You Won’t Find On Google

Presented by Small Business Victoria

For Small Business Owners Who Want To Unlock The
Potential Within Themselves And Their Business!

An Exclusive Seminar With


Director, ProfitHQ


Director, Results Based Business Coaching & Accounting

Small Business Festival is an annual curated events program across metropolitan and regional Victoria, providing ideas, information and networking opportunities to start, operate and grow a business.

Presented by Small Business Victoria, the Festival has drawn hundreds of thousands of small business owners and managers over more than a decade, and provided small businesses with the opportunity to exchange ideas, access free or low-cost information and support and establish valuable professional networks.

Mornington Golf Club

Thu 23rd Aug 5.30-7.30

Sandhurst Golf Club

Wed 29th Aug 5.30-7.30

This Is A Must-Attend, Breakthrough Seminar!

Would you like to know the secrets to success in business that will unlock your business profits and performance and provide a clear vision of where you and your business should be heading?

Then come along to either of these two complimentary Small Business Festival events.

Philip Coombs (Director ProfitHQ) and Paul Tucker (Director, Results Based Business Coaching & Accounting) have over 50 years’ collective experience in business ownership, leadership and financial management. Together at these seminars, they will help you unlock your business potential and identify the barriers that may be holding you back from achieving the success in business you are after.

Business is a learnable skill, and it’s just a matter of finding out what you aren’t doing or don’t know that may be holding you back.

The Small Business Festival offers a wide range of practical, interactive and innovative events that cover topics such as business planning, marketing, social media, networking and financial management.

All events are presented at low cost or free, and are designed to help small business owners improve their productivity and offers opportunities to learn from, network, and engage with other like-minded businesses and industry experts.