September 10, 2021 trolly

Sales & Profit Improvement Checklist

Step Name Description
1ZebraYou MUST know – and recognize – what your Ideal Customer looks like. At ProfitHQ, we call these “Zebras” and the more you know about them, the more effective your marketing and sales processes can be.  Think about things like:  What are their specific needs?  Where do they live?  Socialize?  What’s their income?  What problems will you solve for them?  These details and many more become part of your Zebra profile, and this is an essential component of your business model.  At the same time, you also MUST have the discipline to say no to prospects who are not a good fit.
2Products and services The products and services you offer are, in fact, the solutions you offer your Zebras.  It’s critical to consider the processes your business uses to deliver on this promise AND how you and your team can consistently exceed your client’s expectations.
3GoalsWhat are your goals?  These should include your personal as well as professional goals, and those you’ve created within your business.  It’s important to make sure these are measurable.   Think and document ONLY in terms of “From what, to what, and by when?”
4DashboardIf you won’t – or can’t – measure it, you can’t improve it, so your dashboard must have the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need to achieve your goals.  Remember, each of these KPIs must have realistic targets!
5People A business must have the capacity and capability to implement all the systems they identify are needed to effectively operate.  This must include structure that has right people in the right places, and each has clear roles and responsibilities.  Whenever training is required, it must be documented and objective, not simply implied.  NEVER allow “experienced” people to work in your organisation until they have learned YOUR systems and processes.
6Sales strategiesWhat strategies are you going to adopt to help convert your existing leads into converted sales and orders?  These might include a combination of factors such as increased conversion rates through improved relationships, more accurate pricing, or selling additional products or services.  Creativity and industry knowledge is critical here!
7Sales Script There’s no magic in sales.  The success or failure of your sales process really begins and ends with the conversations and rapport being created long before the sale.  The best way to address this is to develop a sales process and/or a script to follow – the results are almost always increased conversion rates.
8Trust assets Any sales process requires supporting materials.  Think of these as digital assets or tangible leave behinds that reinforce and build trust.  These could be infographics, video, proposal presentations, or even downloads or PDFs on your website.  Whatever suits your business to build trust to where they want you to solve their problem for them, and remember, these tools also serve your lead generation processes as well.
9Pipeline managementEVERY order or sale you’ll generate results from your sales pipeline.  Obviously, then, sales success comes from managing that pipeline.  You MUST spend the time to define the stages in your pipeline and how you and your team can and should measure each of them.  Ultimately, these measurements give you the metrics you can use both in your dashboard and in your CRM software.
10Tactical sales plans Each person responsible for generating sales must have a tactical sales plan on how current and future sales will be generated. It’s important to remember that “tactical” plans are detailed and, in some cases, personalized.  “Strategic” plans will allow you and your leadership to look at things from the “30,000 foot view.”  Tactical plans should include all the actions required to generate more sales.
11Sales mindset Remember, get results, not excuses.  Data is ALWAYS preferable to guesses, and ensure you and your team are not neglecting to look into the causes of poor results.  “Customer service” is simply what you and your team give, and thus, “Sales” will be what you and your team get as a result.  is what you give, and sales must be what you get, the outcome. A winning mindset that sales are everyone’s responsibility as is customer service.
12Lead generationWhen the sales system is working effectively and there is a need to grow sales then more leads will need to be generated and this is function of your lead generation (marketing system) this is covered by separate system. What are the 5 lead generation channels for your business?
13Procedures Good people need to know how to do things. This system requires process and procedures such as sales, pricing and key account management.
14Technology / Automation When you have a system that work manually then seek ways it can be automated through technology, software, standard forms etc.