September 10, 2021 trolly

Profit Evaluation Checklist

Step Name Description
1ZebraKnow what your ideal customer looks like, what their needs are. This is your Zebra profile and an essential part of your sales process. Learn to say no to those who are not a good fit. What problems you can solve for them.


2Products and services How you solve your Zebras problems are your products and services and need to consider here is your delivery model and process and how you intend to consistently exceed customers expectations.


2GoalsWhat are your goals, aspirational and measurable, use the format from what to what by when?


3DashboardIf you can’t measure you can’t improve, your dashboard must have the key performance indicators that must be achieved to reach your goals. These KPI’s must have realistic targets.


4People A business must have the capacity and capability to implement their system. This must include structure that has right people on the bus that have clear roles and responsibilities.  Where required training must form part and determine what outside expertise may be required.


5Sales strategiesWhat strategies are you going to adopt to help convert your existing leads into order. Could be a combination of factors such as increased conversion rates through improved relationships, more accurate pricing or selling additional products or services.


6Sales Script Sales conversion is much about the nature of the conversation being held. The best way to address this is to develop a sales script that if followed will result in increased conversion rates.


7Trust assets Any sales process required sales support materials (trust assets) these could be infographics, video, proposal presentation. Whatever suits your business to build trust to where they want you to solve their problem for them.


8Pipeline managementOrders result from your pipeline; sales success comes from pipeline management. This step involves defining the stages in your pipeline and how to measure each of them and ensuring they are measured on your dashboard. CRM is tool used to manage pipeline.


9Tactical sales plans Each person responsible for generating sales must have a tactical sales plan on how current and future sales will be generated. This should include all the actions required to generate more sales.


10Sales mindset Results not excuses, customer service is what you give, and sales must be what you get, the outcome. A winning mindset that sales are everyone’s responsibility as is customer service.


11Lead generationWhen the sales system is working effectively and there is a need to grow sales then more leads will need to be generated and this is function of your lead generation (marketing system) this is covered by separate system. What are the 5 lead generation channels for your business?


12Procedures Good people need to know how to do things. This system requires process and procedures such as sales, pricing and key account management


13Technology / Automation When you have a system that work manually then seek ways it can be automated through technology, software, standard forms etc.