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Do you have the knowledge to win in business?

At ProfitHQ we have identified the number one success factor in business is you, this is what we call the YOU!Factor. It is the habits you form and the actions you take that drive success.

The big question is why do some people achieve success and others don’t? There are many reasons however people who aren’t successful or as successful as they would like simply don’t do what successful people do.

The habits and actions that drive success are influenced by key elements such as having the will to win, the knowledge to win, and to develop the habits and take the actions that drives success.

The focus on this article is on having the knowledge to win, put simply if you do not have the right knowledge, you will not and cannot take the right actions or develop the right habits that drive success.

So, what is knowledge do you need to drive success? Some key areas include understanding.

  1. How to make a profit (your business model)
  2. How to win work
  3. How to deliver your work
  4. How to exceed customers’ expectations
  5. How to manage the money
  6. How to manage yourself (personal productivity)
  7. How to manage other people (leadership)
  8. How to manage the business (systemisation)
  9. How to solve problems
  10. Having the right strategy
  11. How to plan
  12. How to execute the plan (results not excuses)
  13. Knowing the numbers that drive your business
  14. How to make change happen

The reality is you cannot know it all! You most likely have spent 15+ years learning your technical skill, but how much time have you spent learning the skills required to run a successful business?

If your business is not doing as well as it should, or you would like to build a more successful business, then you need to identify what you do not know or are not taking the right actions and make the required change.

The first step in the change process is awareness, recognising that you don’t know it all and what you need to know to grow and develop your business. When you know that then determine how you want to learn i.e., online course, read books, listen to podcasts, engage a coach, or undertake formal learning.

We believe the best way to learn is blended learning using auditory, visual, tactile and community environment. To support our coaching process, we have adopted a blended learning approach which includes our online learning platform called the ProfitHQ


It must be remembered that the profit and performance of the business will only grow to the extent you and your people do and the essential element to this is knowledge. The starting point is mindset which means you must develop an insatiable appetite to learn which provides the motivation to put in the effort required to undertake the learning and put the knowledge into action.

The next step is to identify what are the 3 areas of knowledge that if you worked on would improve the profit and performance of the business. Then determine what method you want to obtain that knowledge and make it happen.

If you need help, then reach out, asking for help is a sign of strength not a weakness. If you would like to know more on the YOU!niversity or would like a copy of our free Book “The YOU!Factor -The number one success factor in business”, then please contact us as per below.

Good luck on your journey to success.

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