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Why taking action creates success

To help you achieve a higher success rate in completing tasks, I would like to introduce you to the subject of ‘failure to implement’ (FTI). This is a subject that many people will relate to, as let’s be honest, we all have trouble from time to time implementing the things that are very important to us, may it be in business or in our personal lives including anything from the implementation of personal goals, business plans, projects and often policies and procedures.

From my experience I find that the items that don’t get completed tend to be the IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT tasks and unfortunately these often have the potential of making the biggest differences to our lives and our business.

By way of example if a doctor said you have to lose weight before a critical operation it would become urgent and important and would happen.

On the flip side, you knew if you lost weight your health would be so much better while being important it is not considered urgent and other important or have to do things would get in the way.

The following are a few tips to help you in 2019 achieve some of those important things, that may not be urgent, but will make a big difference;

  • Make a list of your must do items– prioritise and keep this list in eye sight as constant reminder.
  • Focus– Try not to be easily distracted, learn to say no to things that consume time. Time is the most valuable resource you have and you only have a limited amount, so use it wisely.
  • Schedule regular time –in your diary to address your important not urgent items, and stick to it – discipline.
  • Accountability-find someone to hold you accountable to ensure you complete the things you must do i.e. lose weight use a personal trainer, in business use a mentor.
  • Change-if you are finding yourself struggling to achieve things, then change something, work out your trigger and change something about the way you do things.

These tips aren’t difficult, you just need to identify which ones are easy for you and have a go!

It’s no coincidence that great leaders achieve great results and one of the reasons why is because they don’t make excuses. Rightly or wrongly, it must be remembered “in business you will be remembered for what you achieved, not just how hard you worked”.

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