December 17, 2017 trolly

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Book Review, by Phil Coombs

I have read the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaacson and found it to be one of the best business interest reads I have ever read. I don’t recommend it for some light reading, as there is an awful lot of business wisdom in this book. Different readers will get different things from it. The following are items that are standouts for me;

  •  Focus on a few products and excel rather than may products with mediocrity
  • Creating differentiation in the market through product design superiority
  • Simplicity, even in the structure of such a large organisation
  • Understanding your customers needs better than they do
  • Superior marketing & company image
  • Building an A Team

To further support my recommendation, please click here to read a comprehensive article by Kristina of ‘The Good Life Team’ who has written a detailed review, and relevance to her company and the real estate sector in America.

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